Mentorship for first time managers

As a first time manager in a growing company you will be facing a lot of new challenges and problems that you many times didn’t even know they existed. It is easy to feel all alone and even a bit ashamed when you need to go and ask you senior manager or even your own personal. We at Scand Group knows that you already knows the answer to your challenges but you need someone to discuss your ideas with and also someone that challenges you and help you develop towards an excellent leader.

With our mentoring program that focus on junior managers or other individuals in your company that strives to reach new goals, as scary and challenging they might be. In our mentoring program we follow a methodology that makes sure that the adept develop between the sessions as well as our mentor support him/her in real case challenges that comes up in his normal work.

The mentoring program is under a period of 12 month and includes 17 meetings under this period. All in all our mentor spends at least 32 hours with the adept and the company.

Our mentors are senior business and company leaders, entrepreneurs or directors. They see it as a mission to be able to help young and junior upcoming stars with the knowledge they have acquired in their many years as managers/entrepreneurs. This also makes it possible for us to offer the Mentoring program for as low as 28800 Sek.

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