Scand Groups sells shares in Four Spares AB

In the beginning of 2016 Scand Group invested in Four Spares AB that rund the local retailstore Mobilkliniken in Helsingborg.

Scand Group has decided to sell all of the shares in Four Spares AB and wishes all luck to the team that continues to run Mobilkliniken.

For questions regarding this, please contact

Scand Group invests in JS Energi AB

Scand Group has been an owner and partner of the company JS Energi Service AB for 1,5 year. Now Scand Group chooses to invest also in JS Energi AB, a company in the JS Energi Group that focus selling new heat pump and heating solutions on local markets.

As part of the investment Scand Group also will take place in the board as well as Peter Borgman, the owner of Scand Group takes on the role as CEO at JS Energi AB as well as JS Energi Service.

JS Energi Service is already the leading company in the nordic when it comes to delivering spart parts for heating solutions, with partners as Bosch, IVT, Nibe, CTC and Värmebaronen. With JS Energi AB we will focus even harder on making it careless to own a heating solution.

“It is a vision that we will put all efforts in implementing, we know that it is ha high and wild vision, but we will do whatever is possible to do to reach the vision” says Peter Borgman

Scand Group invests in IT-company

Scand Groups invests the IT-company ExaktIT AB. ExaktIT has its base in Lund and focuses on the Lund/Malmoe market.

ExaktIT has existed for several year and has LJ System as its majority owner. With a new CEO and a focus on growth ExaktIT is a perfect match in the Scand Groups portfolio.

As part of the agreement Peter Borgman, takes a place on ExaktITs’ board.

“We see the investment as a way for us to help Joakim Karlsson and ExaktIT to continue its growth in Lund/Malmoe. We love that ExaktIT has focus on small companies, companies that has different demands on IT than large companies has. When it comes to small companies they need fast and quick IT, with focus on local delivery and IT that matches their growth without agreeing to long term agreements or solution. Since we at Scand Group focus on startup and turnarounds we also love to invest in an IT company that help startups and smaller companies” says Peter Borgman.

Scand Group invests in Mobile Phone repairs

Scand Group has 20151231 acquired 20% of the stocks in Four Spares AB. Four Spares AB operates Mobilkliniken in Helsingborg. Mobilkliniken is a store and servicecompany with focus in high quality repairs on Mobile Phones, tablets and other handheld mobile devices.

Four Spares customers are both Consumer as well as Businesses, where several large companies and organizations in the region is the part of the customer base.

Scand Group will place a representative in the board and the focus of Four Spare AB is to grow its marketshare with a market/sales focus and continue to deliver high quality repairs with the best warranty and the best spare parts available.

Invests in Service & Maintenance

Scand Group has made an investment in a subsidary company to JS Energi AB. The company is named JS Energi Service AB and is focusing on reactive and proactive service on heat pumps. JS Energi Service has a well built E-commerce business and is one of the leading companies in Sweden when it comes to delivering spare parts to Heatpumps.

For more information contact Peter Borgman,, +46704160068

Launches a Mentorshipprogram

As a part of our believe that the future is built by the modern leader and upcoming sales rep, Scand Group now launches a Mentorship program.
At Scand Group we and our extensive network belongs of a lot of senior management and senior sales/HR representatives. In our new mentorship program we offer access to these resources in a valuable offer and a setup that is focused on entreprenuers, newly appointed managers and other upcoming resources in your organization. We at Scand Group has also priced this mentorshipprogram in a way that even small companies can afford it and do an easy Return of Investment calculation.

The program consist of at least 32 hours mentoring with a senior mentor over at least 17 different appointments in a year.

We will also soon launch an introduction offer, look out for it on our linkedin page and on ads in facebook.

Launches our new site

Investment in GWS

GWS (Global Warning System) are going to be listed on Nasdaq 15th of october. Scand Group has been assigned stocks in the process. Scand Group believes in the value that GWS with their app Safeture, provides for travelers and businesses.

“We believe that the value that GWS provides in a more and more turbulent world is important and we want to support them in this journey, our contribution to the company is small but it is an investment for the future” says Peter Borgman, CEO for Scand Group